Here are some comments from people who have play tested the games. I hope you are ready to jump into the fun too!

Oscar wrote…

“Such a very cool and creative way to party! Dress up or dress down. Lie through your teeth or team up to find truth. No matter; fun times will be had by all!”

A creative way to party!

Becky wrote…

“So, if you enjoy playing games with friends and you like a good “who done it “theme, if you like mysteries and murder all wrapped into one, and you enjoy immersing yourself into the role of a crazy character- complete with costume design suggestions , psychological background and a well written script, look no further than these games.

Get a group of friends together, plan a potluck around the theme (80’s prom, cowboy western, etc), dress up as your assigned character and let the fun begin. You will be briefed by the leader of the game in the role of the cop/detective and each character will read a short statement of where they were at the time of the crime. Then, there are many clues that will be shared with the players , some of which are just to throw off your guesses as they have no meaning to help solve the murder. All drawings, maps, clues provide the group with many intricate pieces of information to solve the murder. Players must interact and ask questions of each other to try to solve which one amongst themselves is the actual murderer. Story lines are in depth and keep the characters digging deeper to find the answers.”

If you like mysteries and murder all wrapped into one, look no further.

Audrey wrote…

“A great way to get a group of friends together, dress up and have a game themed potluck, we had a blast!. It’s something different than your usual backyard gathering! Our group can’t wait for the next game!”

Our group can’t wait for the next game!

Rose wrote…

“Fabulous Interactive murder mystery games, they keep evolving and are even more fun and intriguing. I enjoy the extensive social interaction and learning certain details of the crime through evidence, eavesdropping, and questioning other characters. The latest game STEAMPUNK game was awesome!”

I enjoy the extensive social interaction.

Joanna wrote…

“Dressing up, setting the scene with decorations, music, and themed food, getting into character, reading clues, and then matching wits with the murderer is an exciting and gripping experience. Time flies and before you know it accusations fly and the mystery is solved.”

Matching wits with the murderer is exciting.