It’s a seance with ghosts, kinda ghosts, and a soon to be ghost.

We had a great time play testing The Lilly Hotel. Everyone got into their characters and then got down to the business of detecting the murderer. There were some veteran players, and the murderer was a first time player, so they were eventually found out. They did a great job though and everyone had a lot of fun. Since this blog, and upcoming Kickstarter campaign, are all about marketing games that players have found fun, absorbing, and intriguing, and then writing more, I will say this one was great! And that’s the point, to eventually spread the fun. I have a growing list of new murder mystery themes and characters that I want to develop. So stay tuned.


Heloise Goodman
She is the owner of the Lilly Hotel, named after her older sister who died when she was young. Heloise is also a spiritualist and holds séances at the hotel. She is known in the area for having séances that seem real and scary.

Sabrina Stark
A Widow who is quiet and mousy. Her husband was a successful businessman when he passed away. She is nice and people like her but she tends to be absent minded. She often will walk into a room without knowing where she is.

Frank Shepherd
Millionaire businessman who arrived on a lighter than air ship named “Alacrity”, captained by Anthony Tragger. He is dapper in style and politely mild mannered but also sinister. He did not become successful by being a nice guy.

Diana Chambers
She is a mystery woman that no one knows, but vaguely recognizes. She moves in an ethereal way seeming to not even disturb the air around her, if she moves, which is hardly ever. She is very still.

Dean Johnson
A mysterious world traveler that rides a steamcycle. He knows a lot about other cultures, weapons, self-defense, and wilderness survival. He has the air of someone who can handle himself in a tight spot.

Erik Berg
He is blind but very self-sufficient with a large burn scars around his eyes. His acute sense of hearing and smell allows him to sense things others can’t. Although he doesn’t really believe in ghosts, he seems to have an extra sensitive awareness to their presence. He can actually smell them and hear them.

Captain Anthony Tragger
Captain of Frank Shepherd’s lighter than air ship the “Alacrity”. He is very crisp in his movements, military like, although he is socially awkward. He is also an accomplished engineer. He has an air of complete reliability.

Maria Ochello
Older, but still attractive, woman who is a world traveler. She has risen from humble beginnings to her current position as owner of a very successful travel agency. She is at the hotel to check out it’s accommodations and view one of the well known séances.