This is a player’s point of view as to what it is like to play a Murder Happens mystery party game. Your game experience will vary depending on your personality and that of the other players.

The eight characters all arrive, some in costumes that are extravagant, others more plain, some with none at all. We all greet each other, it’s good to see your friends, it’s been too long, we should do this more often.

We snack and chat, catching up, laughing, and we talk about our character and what we know about them from the invitation. Some players really get into their character, we all laugh and have fun with that.

The room settles down and the detective reads the police report detailing the interesting facts of the murder. The photos, maps and other evidence are laid out on the table for inspection, and more information is passed out to each character, some to be kept close to their vest. Some pieces are given to the non-character players, having extra players works just fine.

Everybody grabs a plate full of food and then sits down to digest the story and all the clues. After several minutes of quiet reading, the characters begin to gasp, or giggle, then glare at other players accusingly. Everyone has suspicions but realizes that they won’t get to the bottom of the mystery until they start asking some questions and clarifying facts.

Players interact at will, there are denials, suspects caught in embarrassing lies, clues are revealed and accusations fly. Some characters fight back with passion, others break down in remorseful tears, players gasp in shock. The group relentlessly works their way towards the truth. Meanwhile, the murderer must develop a strategy. They must derail the focus, present distracting evidence, make up facts, and portray others as the killer, what ever it takes.

Finally, time has run out. We must decide who is the guilty party. Some players want to keep working at it, they feel so close, but are just not certain. Others are sure they know who the killer is and want to convince the others, but the murderer wants it over NOW, for them, victory is in sight.

The detective calls time and asks everyone to point at who they think the murderer is. All hands fly up pointing at various players. Then the murderer stands up to present themself amidst laughter, surprise, and exclamations of “I knew it” and “I was so darn close!” or they accept defeat. Then all listen with rapt attention to the murder victim’s story as it is read and all is revealed.

The end of the evening has come, guests are reluctant to leave. They have their stories to tell, the little details about their character. Everyone has played a good game, they compliment the coolest costume, the most extravagantly played characters, the delicious food. And their parting question is, “Which Murder Happens mystery party game should we play next?”