People are signing up! Thank you.

I have been explaining it in my thank you emails but I will reiterate it here.

The goal is to get a huge list of emails of the people signing up. Then, when I start my Kickstarter campaign, I will send out an email to everyone on the list asking them to visit the Kickstarter page. Just by having rush of viewers in the first days causes the campaign to be featured which will bring thousands more viewers and will give a heads up to those people interested in murder mystery party games. Plus, if you would like to support the Kickstarter campaign by contributing in exchange for games and gifts, that’s even better.

That will be the only email you will get, except possibly one or two if something of major importance happens in the meantime.

Games on the back burner:
Renegade motorcycle club – Find the guilty party in a group of cut throat criminals who would probably like to take credit in the first place.
Water Park – Someone drowns at a waterpark, but wait! It wasn’t an accident.
Shipwreck – In the midst of a storm and the ship wrecking on the rocky coast someone takes advantage of the chaos to do the evil deed.
Pirate Murder mystery – In the case of pirates a murder isn’t much of a mystery, but who did it is. Really fun and easy costuming.
Halloween murder mystery – Everyone was in costume so that kind of makes it hard.
The island murder – A special one that I have been working on.

Got any other ideas…? Games you have wanted to see? Share!!!!!

Here is a good description of how the Kickstarter campaign works.