Ruby and Eva go thrift shopping to find what they need to make a costume for the Satepa character in the Murder Happens mystery party game called “Nefru’s Last Night on the Nile”.

They chose this character because he is one of the most interesting in the Murder Happens series. Satepa is actually a woman, but due to palace intrigues, she was forced to pose as a man to be appointed to the position of the Chemnis palace priest.

It is a time during which Egypt was subject to the waning power of outsiders, the Sea Peoples, or Hyskos. Politics, power, influence, and trade were all subject to chaos in this transitional period. Everyone was scrambling to gain new power, or regain old power. In the midst of this turmoil, a promising young princess is found by her ambitious prince, face down in the Chemnis palace pool.


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