Someone thought these murder mystery games would be downloaded and printed out at home. I have a particular vision for each one, nice art work printed on quality paper. Something that would be a pleasure not only to read and share, but also to hold and appreciate visually.

There is a wide variety of murder mystery party games out there, from corporate productions requiring professional actors, to write it yourself guidelines. My games can not be all things to all people, so here are a few goals I have when designing them.

What I write

I build a game so that a close group of people can solve an intriguing and entertaining mystery. They can act out the characters with a flourish, including lavish costumes, or sit together with just the story and the art of the game to draw them into the mystery, like the world of “The Lilly Hotel”.

Humor is required, and people laugh a lot playing “The beatnik who wasn’t beat, but was shot”, or “Done in out of Prescott Junction”. The fun is in the comedy of human foibles, the crazy things we animals will do to each other.

When the murder victim’s narrative is finally read out loud at the end of the game, and all the players are listening with rapt attention, that is my goal. A story and a world that draws you in completely.

You looked to the south where there was a lone rider and screamed… he reached the caboose and was climbing on.

A player’s experience

One particular player had a lot of fun laughing and goofing around during her first Murder Happens mystery party game. Afterwards though, while listening to the other players discuss the intriguing details, the shocking revelations, and their successful deductions, she realized that there was a whole world she had missed out on. She vowed to really dig seriously into the next game, which she in fact did, resulting in a rich, fun filled, time playing “A night to remember, the prom murder”.

Do this

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