Be a Dick Tracy type character in this game, constantly analyze clues to reveal the crafty murderer before it is too late and your team looses.

These are murder mystery party games for 6-12 players. They will draw you into the vivid world of a mystery where you can explore any avenue of clues you choose. You can examine the evidence, murder scene photographs, and cross examine the other characters. The stories feel real and evoke emotions like jealousy, envy, greed and excitement and some players will lie.

Would you like to put on this kind of immersive, intriguing game for you friends?

Mark Sylvester 
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podcast interview with
game developer Will Bellomy

Video of group playing
“This Prom’s Killer”

This group is having way too much fun.
click to watch it.

The Games: choose your theme

Steampunk murder mystery
It’s a seance in the Steampunk world.
Guess what? Death is death.
’80s Prom murder mystery
Every high school kid’s dream, every
“night of the prom” nightmare.
Cowboy murder mystery
A bunch of cowboys on a train out west.
What could go wrong?
Egyptian murder mystery
Ancient Egyptians with age old greed, lust, scandal, and man’s oldest crime.

Bell bottom hippie style 
Flower power in this hip generation counter culture protest beatnik caper.

These are just my first five games. I am working on five more right now. Keep your eye on this page for more titles.

Hand crafted Murder Mystery party games you play at home for 8-12 players who dress up as their characters. One of them is the murderer and the others must figure out who that is. A great icebreaker you can play over dinner and snacks  with your friends.

These carefully written, unusual mysteries, are fun and easy to play, though challenging to solve. As the drama unfolds, the clues flow naturally as the story unfolds as you question the other characters.  The players end up acting their parts without even trying. There are romances, skeletons in closets, shady goings on, and everyone will laugh as the human comedy plays out. You will lie, make accusations, and follow the clues where they lead with no artificial game breaks or reveals, and only two easy rules to follow. Your friends will have a blast.

At the end of the game you will either solve the mystery, or feel like you almost did. Either way you will enjoy the story and the hunt. Your party will be an absolute success because it’s so easy to host.