Nefru’s last night on the Nile

Caravans crossing the Sahara reach Memphis on the banks of the Nile River. It’s a large city with mud hovels and stone palaces surrounded by the crops of a rich civilization. This is Egypt in 300 B.C.

The Hyskos, invaders from the northeast, have plundered and pillaged along the Nile from their base in the city of Avaris. These foreign kings have ruled Egypt for too many years. The true King of Egypt, Se Kahn-Re, has had little power, but now Se Kahn-Re has raised an army to defeat the Hyskos and unite the contentious principalities of Egypt under one rule.

In the developing power vacuum many minor and Pharonic nobles struggle to elevate their family lineage and establish political power. In the wake of these intrigues are others; priests, merchants, and military commanders jostling to attach themselves to the nobles who they think will come out on top. Throw into this mix the craven lust, greed, and deception of human affairs and you end up with an entangled hive of human endevor that just boggles the mind! Then someone dies.



Egyptian SocialiteThe shy and demure wife of Pahripedt, Captain of the Guards. Gef supports her husband in every way. Gef came from a moderately wealthy family whose estates were destroyed by war with the Hyskos. Princess Nefru offered to sponsor her and she married Captain Pahripedt and then moved into the palace.

Captain Pahripedt
Egyptian CaptainMembership in the Chemnis Palace Guard has been inherited through the generations. They have sworn an oath of loyalty to Princess Nefru for whom they would lay down their lives. Pahripedt is their captain, as was his father. A stern professional soldier, he is either curt or deferential to civilians, depending on their status.

Egyptian PriestAppointed by Princess Nefru to be the priest of the Amada Temple and to carry out the rites and rituals. He is experienced in the mysterious arts, medicinal roots, herbs and magical potions. Satepa carries mysterious and grotesque charms. He wields a mystical power over people He is also a woman, posing as a man.

Egyptian Merchant A merchant whose business in the south was destroyed by the Hyskos. He escaped to Chemnis Palace and befriended Prince Paser. They formed a partnership and the palace has prospered. Defatsen is building a cargo port next to the palace which will attract valuable commerce when the Hyskos are finally defeated.

Egyptian HeremessMistress of the harem, Uadet is an expert in the arts of seduction and eroticism. In her day she charmed some of the most important men in Egypt. Even though she is older now, she is still attractive, and wiser as well. She still seduces many of the men she meets, including many who have important positions of power.

Egyptian Statesman A statesman displaced by the Hyskos, Mertesen offers Chemnis Palace intelligence and valuable connections to Se Kahn-Re, the King of Egypt. He is always the first to know what is going on. He has maneuvered Prince Paser’s into a political position to retain Chemnis Palace after the Hyskos are finally defeated.

Prince Paser
Egyptian PrinceBy marrying Princess Nefru, Paser has become the Prince of Chemnis Palace. The Hyskos occupation has restricted his influence to the Chemnis principality. He has been developing the trade business at Chemnis Palace. Prince Paser counts on defeat of the Hyskos to increase his power and wealth.

Egyptian ServantNefru’s personal servant, she was born into the Hyskos nobility. Meryt was captured and sold into slavery after an Egyptian raid which left her family destitute. Due to her royal birth she is shown the respect that is her due. She is fiercely loyal to Princess Nefru. Meryt knows everything that is going on around Palace.