My story

How I started

I started writing murder mystery party games for my friends and family to play. My inspiration was a passion for art, games, writing, and costume making. I wanted these games to be absorbing with interesting characters, an engaging story, and a plot that a player could explore.

These are living room games where eight people get together to dress up as their characters and play the game. These are not elaborate events requiring professional actors. Your costume can be simple, or an intricate artistic expression. You can simply read and discuss the clues and what your character did, or act them out as if you were in a masters acting class. The main idea is to just have fun.


Why I keep going

People kept telling me that I should start selling these games. Then my family became enthusiastic about marketing the games too. The best reason for selling them is so I can write a bunch more. It will also be a legacy I can leave my children.

So I launched this web site and and started developing the games for sale. These games are hand made right now, and I am selling them, but you may have to wait a few days for me to put yours together. They are $40 and you can get one by contacting me directly at I will soon be developing a sales channel to make this easier. In the future I will launch a Kickstarter campaign in order to increase production and be able to process orders faster. Then I can write more games and we can have more fun!