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Testimonials and game video

Playing the game

Iron Death-heads, the road warriors: The body left by the creek

This game is about one busy day in the life of a one percenter motorcycle club and their friends. All of the crisscrossing relationships and disputes come to a tragic conclusion at the end of the day.

Saint Dymphna Asylum: No Refuge

This creepy asylum is finally being shut down. There are just a handful of patients and staff left and they are outnumbered by old ghosts and old pasts. Then murder happens.

The Beatnik Who Wasn’t Beat, but was Shot

Old school hippy and beatniks get together here for some poetry reading and modern art. Cool clothes, cool music, cool cats, and murder happens.

80s Prom: This Prom’s Killer

Some students are excited for the prom, others don’t really care about that kind of dumb stuff. Everyone though agrees that his prom was the most interesting on in years.

The Lilly Hotel

It’s a seance in a steampunk world. They were trying to contact the dead but the human traits of greed, lust, vengeance, and violence ended up in them contributing to the dead.

How I liked it